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November 3rd, 2017    

Ep.60 The party of Hallows Eve

The season 3 finale is finally here and in this episode you'll need to watch your volume, seriously. Live recording of KoH podcast during veedo's halloween party. With special guest Wolfgang Von Odio (odio art), A local Houston artist making his mark very strongly in our art community. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, Tumblr or, simply google Odio Art. The boys talk a shit ton of anime and discover all the things they have in common with Odio. 

A special thanks to New New Media for providing the video for our season finale. Be on the look out for our very first actual video of us!

Recorded on 10/28/17


November 2nd, 2017    

Ep.59 The porn parody to rule them all

In this weeks edition of KoH podcast, the boys get down and dirty by creating porn parody names and a lot of them tend to be Disney movies? Its also the one with the record of all the shit we're gonna hit while recording. 

Recorded on 10/26/17


November 1st, 2017    

Ep.58 Un-Perpetual Whiskey Dick

In this episode the knights talk Geralds Game (spoilers), have beer from Brash Brewing Co. (you've got red on you), give a sub over dub lesson and talk about the robot fihgt between Japan and America. DeeJaySquared gives us a question of the week! 

Recorded on 10/19/17


October 27th, 2017    

Ep.57 Another ColeBlooded episode!

The Knights have a visitor this week as ColeBlooded stops by to have a good time making up movies, History of objects, Explore Pop tart math and, lots of TV talk and movies. 

Recorded on 10/13/17


October 16th, 2017    

Ep.56 Tomorru-Chan and Sun-Kun!

This week, you'll get to see an oddside to our dark side as we talk The Last Jedi trailer and our thoughts on whats to come for the new Star Wars movie. Ling-Ling gets so bored he decides to leave during the show, mentally. Beer of the week is double once again with Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Fall Hornin' Pumpkin ale and, Odell Brewing Isolation Ale. both great for the coming weather! 

Recorded on 10/12/17


October 10th, 2017    

Ep.55 Vag Badge

The mouth breathers join us this week as we discuss why krotone always has Xmas lights up all year round. Deacon Jones goes on a movie date with a special someone and becomes a rollerblading queen! We get outside commentary on the Astros game as we try to figure out the point system of baseball. Beer of the week was a local brewery, Brash Brewing Company; Vulgar Display of Power, A Russian imperial stout brewed with vanilla bean that sits at 14% ABV. It's one of the best beers we've had as Beer of the Week.

Recorded on 10/5/17 


October 4th, 2017    

Ep.54 JapTrap

In today's adventure we travel with an extra companion who shares stories of things that happened in his home land. They pay their respect to the man of legend, a man who at one point every teenage boy dreamed of being him, Hugh Hefner (RIP). A casual anime and Deacon Jones finally catches up on TWD. 


Recorded on 9/28/17


September 26th, 2017    

Ep.53 A question from Canada

A trip to the Halloween store and a load of stupid costumes. The boys get a little serious in this one with talk about whats going on around the world and the conspiracy behind it and Krotone doesn’t know where and when he is and is afraid he’s being watched. Beer of the week is X2! They also get a surprise from their number one fan!

Recorded on 9/21/17


September 21st, 2017    

Ep.52 It would paint the rim like lipstick


In this episode the boys talk a lot. I mean A LOT. Beer of the week is New Holland Brewing Co. Dragons milk, A bourbon barrel aged stout. Krotone still fucks up the plugs and Ling-Ling is a pervert. Deacon Jones teach us some fun facts about wheel chair wheelies. 

Recorded on 9/14/17

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September 11th, 2017    

Ep.51 It’s not fun…don’t do it!

The guys are back with Krotone this time to talk movies, wrastling, anime and of course, Overwatch...again. Veedo was sick for this one and sounds terrible but had the beer of the week by Pedernales Brewing Co. Lobo Hefe.  Veedo surprises everyone with an old journal of an adventure they could all begin very soon.

recorded on 9/7/17


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