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January 30th, 2019    

Ep.83 I assure you, We’re open.

It's been quite some time since the last episode was published. 


In this episode, Veedo is alone and talking to himself. It's been a while and here's what's happened in the world of Knights of Hyperion. 


September 28th, 2018    

Ep. 82 Straight from the Rectal Caverns of Mount Manabu

This week we are joined by an old co-host who tells us stories of his time spent in "Canada" on his cruise and "Friend of the Pod" (still workshopping) Manabu who bring his wisdom of horror films and stan twitter. In this epsiode we discover manabu hides our lost episodes in him bum and he admits it, now we must consult the lawyers! Dj2 and Manabu go on about tv shows and movies and they found out how to not keep Ling-Ling out the loop. Delve into the past with G4 and Nickelodeon, ORANGE TAPES! All that and a bit more plus you find out Dj2 has a thing for female gremlins but who's judging, not you thats who.

You can follow Manabu at (he judges peoples music for not being Mariah SPOILER) also he is @tottobutt on twitter.

Dj2 is @ssj2bankai on twitter but sure he hasnt opened for at least 147.5 days.

Don't forget join us on discord. Just Dm @kohpodcast on twitter for a link.


September 17th, 2018    

Ep.81 The guy that was slapped in the face with a fish

It's Episode 1 of Season 5!

If that makes any sense even though its actually a collective number of 81. We start off this new episode with the return of a special guest, Wolfgang Von Odio (Odioart)! The guys dive extremely deep into the lineage of what Neon Genesis Evangelion is all connected to and what could actually be happening. Odio discusses his upcoming art shows here in Houston at the insomnia art gallery, you can find them on facebook and instagram (@theinsomniagallery). Lots of topics on today's episode! 


September 10th, 2018    

Ep.80 The Only Episode Without A Clever Title

THE PAST IS VISITED, Whoops sorry I didn't mean to yell. The past is visited in this episode, it's also the Season 4 finale, to a time when there was once four strange men talking and arguing in the early days of the fourth season. Krotone makes an appearance this week through an old recording (turn down your volume around 20 min.) and he tells the tale of, Honor and Belief in a bill that was eventually destroyed because, who actually thought that was going to pass? Are you happy now? This Episode is also dedicated to the one who went on a cruise to Canada. We're almost to the triple digits dad! 

Veedo and Ling-Ling discuss the various levels of monsters in Monster Hunter World and how Ling-Ling would much rather go through that all over again than get the newest DLC for Destiny 2. This episode has an abrupt ending there for making this somewhat of a short episode for our Season finale. See you all in Season 5!


September 3rd, 2018    

Ep.79 The Four Lokos of Your Childhood

In this episode the boys are joined by the professor of Opossums (@possumprofessor on twitter) and boy do they have a discussion. The Doujin series about sodas making love featuring Fanta multi flavors, Pepsi and world famous Coca-Cola ( we are not assoicated with any of these companies whats so ever. it was just something we saw at a anime convention.) and they discover how RC Cola is made. For some reason they discuss soda's a lot in this episode... even soda energy drinks. 

Veedo dives into the Exodus recap and the tragedy of his character Nir Nordav. This leads to a huge Table Top RPG discussion that sparks ideas for the future! 

Lets see how many times Ling-Ling says "like" when he talks about the Shin-Chan show. It starts around 1:41:00. Get the correct answer and you'll be able to join us on our discord! ( or you could just ask us on twitter @kohpodcast but this way is more fun.)


August 27th, 2018    

Ep.78 Chaztanamo Bay

Today the two koh boys are joined by their beer mooching buddy Tam-tam and a comrad who left cell block C to join them who goes by the codename Lord Voldemort.  He brings tales of ling-ling's past that most were lost in the fire, metaphorically. We tried something knew and used one of our returning guest tweets to bring up interesting life choices. Explore deep into the realm of ASMR or the chills, people... it is just the chills. The old loveable George makes an interesting discovery and embarks on a quest to return the item to the desperate villager. We came to realization none of us fully understand geography works so stop asking. We get a lesson from Veedo on how to plug our official sponsor (news broke a week ago). They uproot lord voldemort's deepest fears of his experience on the queen nathan. Rumors speak of Kanye Water but we guess it was swept under the rug. All of this and more inside this weeks episode, and remember kids. "Don't go to jail, it is fucking boring."


August 20th, 2018    

Ep.77 Ling-Ling wants justice for blow up dolls

In this episode the boys hangout with a man of adventure and tales, sorcery and evil, clever but foolish, you'll see what we mean. 


A slow start for Veedo and Ling-Ling as they journey together as a duo, discussing Fallout 4 and Veedo's twitch channel The battle of the foam takes place as we watch to see who is the last man standing in the long fiecrce battle, the test of grip. The difference between Jim Adler (THE TEXAS HAMMER!) and his son Bill or Billiam Adler, the texas rubber mallet or the regular sized texas hammer. Lots of interesting topics on this brand spanking new fucking episode of this show you listen to!


August 7th, 2018    

Ep.76 A Gathering of Old Voices

In this episode Veedo is joined by some familiar voices, forefathers of this show, and they discuss a new show coming to YouTube called Fabletown. A fan made sequel to a very well known game by Telltale Games. The real debate on which is better for King Of The Hill, subs or dubs? Veedo becomes a part in a post apocalyptic  table top RPG called, Exodus.  Lots of action figure talk that hardly ever happens on the show. 


August 7th, 2018    

Ep.75 The Neighborhood Lawn Guys, The Return!

Holy Sh**t (shit) its our 75th episode!


*This episode is an old recording. We're bad at putting things out and we appologize.*


In this episode Veedo and Ling-Ling are joined by a very old friend of Veedo's from back in the day, Professor eX. Their journey takes them through the depths of Horizon Zero Dawn, where they fight robotic dinosaurs, explore the truth about the Yeager family (spoilers if you haven't read the manga) and what lies beyond the basement door. 4v4 pvp shrek battle royale all voiced by mike myers, coming soon (never) to a console near you!


July 18th, 2018    


The boys are back with manabu to discus esrb ratings and the goodtimes that Squaresoft used to bring us. A huge movie discussion but big on the horror genre and how good the times were when you sat in front of the tv, playing animal crossing for days and not realize that the world around you exist. Mana shares stories of some wild hook ups in public. 

Special guest #Charliethecatt


We talk about the cat at the Dragons lair comic shop and get the name wrong, his name is actually Odin and not thor, sorry. 


July 6th, 2018    

Ep.73 That’s a wrap… spinach wrap!

Recorded:  *shrugs* who really knows. 

Kohpodcast Discord is go and muy fantastico! oh hey that rhymed unlike our podcast rap *sad face*

Ling-Ling is back after his battle for his house against the bed bugs and came out on top or so he hopes... Djsquareddd finds himself trapped in a parellel universe where all he wants to do is sci-fi stuff but does not believe scientology is a thing. Veedo is up his usual dick things from eating chips to talking mess. More surprises to come but you did not hear it from me. *giggles*.

I am bad at this, sorry. 


June 16th, 2018    

Ep.72 The one after the party

There's only two this time but what a mouthful they are going to give you..

Ling-Ling is missing, doing something in the wild, while Veedo and DeeJay squared chat away about their adventures in the waste land. 

#charliethecatt makes an appereance.


This episode was cut short due to some stupid things. Sorry for the inconvienience 


June 6th, 2018    

Ep.71 The one after Matsuri but before the Party

Another relic of the past with this "new" episode. The Knights tell you about their time at Anime Matsuri 2018, the ups, the downs and the lack of entertainment it was and how things could have been better. DeeJaySquared has become Mr.Snifles and Ling-Ling explores his player one when he's ready. 


June 5th, 2018    

Ep.70 They called it Down the Road

The Knights are back with another episode (this one is out of date but in the correct order?) where they talk about weird overwatch stuff, D&D stories and how there's one asshole that you should stay away from, all from a 1K computer chair. With special guest, The Thursday Neighborhood Lawn Guys! 


May 18th, 2018    

Ep.69.Pt.2. The Bad Taste in your Mouth

The stories, drinks and bad decisions just keep flowing as the knights get a little too personal with their kinks and interest. Just like a homemade sex tape, it is out there and we are proud of it (okay maybe not) but here it is. Finally getting our hands, minds and other things away from our nsfw channel on our discord server to bring this bundle of perverse fun. part two of two.


May 18th, 2018    

Ep.69.Pt.1. Clumpy Cum

The boys are back with a sexy episode full of sex stories, lots of beer, dirty jokes and a whole lot of perversion. 

After a long hiatus your knights open up with a very important message then dive deep into your dirty holes with a huge load right to the face with this new episode, with special guest Manabu Madix! Part one of two.


March 25th, 2018    

Ep.68 A hug from a big Siberian Bear


The boys are back with quesrions of what they would be if they were animporhps.

Veedo stumbles across a very strange tumblr blog. With special guests again, the lawn guys of the neighborhood!!!!

Big news (that is old news) a new hero on the overwatch roster.

Squirell watch 2018 (and now our watch has ended)


March 4th, 2018    

Ep.67 Canadian Sake

The mean kid who lies to make you believe you have cancer at the tender age of 7, that leads to a life of sake bombs and invitations to Naruto cosplay orgies, with special guest Manabu! You can follow him on twitter/Instagram @lifepolyphony and visit his website


March 1st, 2018    

Ep.66 The Shame Belt

The Knights are joined by a new friend they met on their travels in the giant world called earth. They discuss the matter of why Tom Cruise does not have two teeth but one tooth in the center of his mouth... 


February 27th, 2018    


TamTam joins Ling-Ling and veedo on a discussion of things the Overwatch community does and Batman Metal.


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